Confirmation Classes

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Confirmation is for all children who have entered seventh grade. It is an opportunity to examine the Christian faith into which they were baptized. Church membership is not a requirement to participate in our new system, “Head to Heart” byFaith Inkubators, designed to grow junior high small groups into senior high small groups by injecting the DNA of Jesus into the nucleus of each cell through the love, care and attention of an impact adult called a Guide.

This system creates a holistic approach to the adolescent faith journey by blurring the lines between traditional youth group and youth education. Taking the identity needs of adolescents seriously, the Faith Inkubators system attempts to harness the power of small group ministries and build a network of care as the context for all learning. Small groups learn, serve, play and create supplements to lessons as they bond together as living cells in the body of Christ.

This is more than a curriculum – it’s a system. That being said, Faith Inkubators produces a variety of “back-to-the-basics” catechism courses designed for our system using the Bible as the main textbook and music, art, skits, stories and cartoons as supplements. Each theme Bible verse is taught in song and a variety of other creative interruptions produced by small group reinforce the theme. Along with basic Old and New Testament overviews, materials are available on the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed, Sacraments, and Church History.

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